How I Recovered from Bad Credit?

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Bad credit was probably my worst nightmare in my entire life. I was hounded by creditors, I couldn’t borrow money during times of financial turmoil, I couldn’t sleep at night, and even my relationships were affected. It was really hard to function as a normal and happy human being. It literally took life away from me and I’ll never forget those times.

However, I know that what happened was my own fault. Before I started to build the habit of spending, I was living paycheck to paycheck, not caring about what the future might bring. A simple debt that I missed rolled on, and there I was, trapped in a quicksand of debt. After a few months of hiding, I realized it had to end.

The Enlightenment

What really empowered me was when I asked myself, “Is this the life that I want?” Running away was very tiring, I tell you. So I stopped, turned around, and faced everything that was trying to chase me behind. There was no one to help me but myself. No one to fix my troubles but myself.

This new-found willpower helped me take small steps. I tell you, it wasn’t easy. If you aren’t determined, you will never succeed. But hey, I didn’t want to live like this for life, so I better start moving. I admitted my mistakes and accepted them, and planned a way not to repeat them again.

Goal Setting

Before you can actually start moving, you have to set a goal. No one runs without knowing that there’s a finish line waiting at the end, or else you’ll be running around an endless loop. You have to know what you want, it gives you the boost and empowerment that you need.

The Sacrifice

Here’s where the tough part was. There was nothing good with the way I lived in the past, so if I am bound to take away my bad spending habits, I’m going to have to take away everything! But this is not what I wanted. Although I acknowledged my mistakes, I didn’t want to punish myself like that.

So I started with some, kind of easy sacrifices. Instead of dining out almost every other day, I limited my outside meals to once a week, until I could manage to do it only twice a week. During my weeknights with friends, I asked them to host a potluck or bring the party alternately to my place or theirs. This actually helped not just me but everyone of them.

Whenever I see a pretty item on the mall, I refrained from buying it, especially when I didn’t really need the item. Every cent counts, and I dedicated every spare money towards my debts. If I really, really wanted something, I had to take some overtimes, or cost-cut on other expenses.

At the beginning, it didn’t seem like it took me very far, but as I learned of new ways to improve, I definitely saw the progress. Instead of being relaxed, I even doubled my efforts to get to the goal sooner. I soon took a second job, and thought of other ways to lessen my monthly expenses, such as being wise on my grocery trips.

You see, you don’t have to stop eating out or forget about your social life. You only have to make smart choices and take control of your spending habits, and soon enough, credit repair will be just a piece of cake to you.

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