How I’m Seeing My Galaxy S4?

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When I welcomed myself into the world of smartphones, I decided to purchase the Samsung Galaxy S4. I had a low-end feature phone before that lasted less than a year in my hands, so I was in a hurry to get a new mobile. It was my first time having a high-end gadget, because I really wasn’t into the expensive stuff before due to practicality issues. But I realized, there are actually a lot I could get in return for my money, so there I decided to take a plunge into the smartphone world.

It wasn’t an easy decision at first. I was kind of stingy when it comes to material things, but I realized it was better to splurge on one great gadget that I could be happy with for at least two years than switch phones from time to time because I wasn’t happy or they simply died.

Anyway, it came down to the Samsung Galaxy S4 and the HTC One. (If the Note 3 was already out by then, I would have probably settled for it, but it was a good three months before the launch.) I have pretty big hands and I wouldn’t mind having a massive phone, and besides, the idea of having a very huge screen thrilled me. On the other hand, I really fell in love with the HTC One’s design. After reading lots of reviews, I still couldn’t pick between the two, so I decided to head out and see for myself, and I landed on the S4.

Since having a phone this huge is new to me, I was very impressed with the screen. Not only was it large, but everything was spectacular, from colors to details. It might be hard to believe coming from someone who’s new to smartphones, but I’ve played around with my friends’ phones and I can see the slight advantage.

Of course, I was first very excited to test what the hype was all about. I explored the Smart Pause/Smart Stay features, as well as the Air Gestures. I also looked into the S Voice. While these features are pretty cool, I got bored a little. First, when I played a video, it was a bit slow to pause or play when I looked away or looked back. As for the S Voice, sometimes it was also slow to respond, and it sucked away my battery real fast.

Anyway, those are features I could live without, and I certainly didn’t buy the phone for them. The most important thing for me was camera and performance. As for the camera, I was all hands up. Although using the flash tends to oversaturate colors, it produced great results most of the time when lighting is adequate. As for performance, everything was swift.

Probably I can only complain about the heat and the fast battery drain, but I guess that’s not surprising with most phones nowadays. With some tweaks, I was able to get more life out of it. Another flaw is that you can only use about 8GB out of the 16GB internal memory, but the external storage pretty much makes up for that.

So, all I can say is that I am happy with my S4. In just a short while, I’m sure many better phones would still come out, but if you’ll ask me if it’s a worthy purchase, it definitely is.

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