No Big Deal With the iPhone 5s

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For all the folks who are wondering what the iPhone 5s has to offer, here’s some scoop of what I know.

First, I know that this is an upgrade from the iPhone 5, and a long-awaited one. Unfortunately, aside from being run by iOS 7, I haven’t really seen much of an upgrade. It packs exactly the same screen size, resolutions, camera pixels, and almost all other things. Oh, sorry to forget about the color. That’s the only other new thing I know of. Instead of carrying the traditional black and white hues, the iPhone 5s welcomes the addition of gold, which in all fairness is really gorgeous. If you’re going to buy the 5s and want to make it obvious that you did, choose the gold.

The camera is also the same 8 megapixels. While I know that no one can put down a phone’s cam based on megapixels alone, I still think that it’s been far too long that Apple has been stuck to the 8-megapixel rear camera. And by the way, not everyone is informed that great photos don’t depend on megapixels all the time, so an unsuspecting buyer might simply pick a Lumia over the iPhone based on megapixels (no offense).

If we’re talking about flagship, we need to see a bang! Unfortunately, the 5s doesn’t seem to be packed with incredibly useful, or at the very least entertaining features. The fingerprint scanner was one of the most-talked about features of the new iPhone, which for me is a bit gimmicky. While it might be convenient to unlock your phone by simply having it read your fingerprint, or complete iTunes purchases by using your fingerprint as well, it’s not anything that I can’t live without. I also have worries about safety issues, such as if there’s a possibility that someone can steal my fingerprint and use it somewhere. Call me paranoid, but I’m very protective of my confidential details.

I don’t want to be hard on anyone who’s looking to buy the Apple’s flagship, of course. I’m just saying that it MIGHT not be a worthy upgrade if you’re still on the 5 or 4s. There hasn’t really been much difference with regards to specs and dimensions, so if I were you, I’ll just wait for the iPhone 6. But if you are on an older iPhone or another platform, then I’ve nothing to say against buying the iPhone 5s.

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